Modern TCM industry adopts new technology to promote traditional industrial technology, establishes the ability for TCM innovation, settles the pharmaceutical technique bottleneck, and forms rational development mechanism. According to GMP, modern TCM enterprises set up professional manufacturing and organizing system, exemplifies comprehensive techniques of automatic control on production and improved technique and apparatus, and heightens the technical level. Meanwhile, it also accelerates industrialization of cultivating elite seeds of herbal plant, expands standardized agricultural area, develops professional techniques for extraction, separation and preparation.

Chinese medicine is the treasure of our traditional culture, and has made great contributions to the prosperity of China as well as to the health care of its people. TCM modernization is a glorious course not only for our nation and people, but also for all human beings. With the development of modern technology, the TCM industry has made great achievement in China and become one of the advantageous industries possessed international competitiveness.

The popularization of natural medicine has brought new opportunities as well as challenges to TCM industry. The first 10 years of the 21st century is the crucial period for social and economic development, and for TCM industry as well. State economic development plan has listed modern the TCM as key program. Tianjin Municipal government has set up strategic objective for TCM modernization process: by the year 2010, Tianjin will build up a modern TCM port which integrates modern TCM commercial logistics, production and technical exchanges, modern TCM export, information communication and international exchange concerning Chinese medical culture. 

As the super scale TCM enterprise with sales volume exceeding 10 billion, Tasly follows national development strategy for Chinese medicine modernization and focus its strength on the progress of TCM modernization and internationalization, during which numerous beneficial experience has been accumulated.

It is because of the technology of modern TCM and the creative and innovative spirit that Tasly gradually takes the road leading to industrialization and internationalization, and the target of 'share the benefits of modern TCM with all' is on the way towards completion. At present, Tasly is trying to build up an industrial group of modern TCM in China that will influence the whole world. In the 21st century, modern TCM would become the supporting industry for the rapid economic development of China.

Tasly is just sailing out towards global market and will make great achievement promoted by the force of national policy concerning TCM modernization and internationalization.