Tasly Worldwide

The overall internationalization of Tasly began on April 2006. Tasly plans to realize its international development blueprint within ten years. 
· Organizing a team of elites by way of international cooperation
· Promoting a new round of industrial development based on technological innovation
· Setting up a platform for scientific research and development on the basis of scientific researching mode
· Seizing position as international enterprise on new mode through all round progresses
· Establishing solid foundation for technical management via industrial management
Relying on multinational enterprise, Tasly wishes to realize its goal of sharing the joy of health with all

Strategy of internationalization

Connotation of the strategy: All the works of Tasly should be conducted around the center of meeting the international demands. Implementing the concept of internationalization, and constructing guideline for the development of Great Health industry, in order to lay the foundation for competing as a 10 billion Group in the period of national 11th five-year-plan.

Specific Plan: Internationalization contains two major aspects---internationalization of the products and the enterprise’s capital. Taking advantages of the combination of international product market and capital market, Tasly will bring improvement on R&D, production, sales and management.

For the internationalization of products, the three-step development strategy would be applied: firstly, direct sale. In the developing countries, Tasly uses mega-sales mode to cover as wide range of the market as possible. Secondly, adopting distribution method through agents. The markets in developing area without the feasibility of direct sale are the targets. Tasly looks for companies with influential power in regional market to conduct professional distribution, which could seize the market effectively. Thirdly, through gaining the ratification of medical usage in the developed countries, and making clinical popularization by way of technological and professional sales mode, the products of Tasly would enter into their mainstream market for prescription medicine. 

Three modes are adopted for capital internationalization. First, making full use of our brand, technical innovation and marketing ability to attract more strategic cooperators from developed countries to conduct all-round cooperation. Second, taking overseas investment as link, conducting strategic investment on cooperation for the suitable projects and establishing international development platform. Third, seeking appropriate opportunity to list the whole Group into stock exchange, thus realizing globalization of both the capital and assets.

Specific requirements: “6 focus”
· Focusing the thoughts on enterprise development strategy and management concept
· Focusing all actions on the target and direction of internationalization
· Focusing all practical work and industrial programming on Great Health industry
· Focusing all data and conclusions on accurate and scientific standard
· Focusing all principles for action on guaranteeing the quality of products
· Focusing all promises to the customers on excellent service.

Status quo of Tasly internationalization

Cooperation of scientific research institutes: Tasly tries to build up an opening up research institute to make extensive cooperation with famous universities and research academies both at home and abroad. Tasly has established technologically innovative system based on the combination of core and periphery institutes, exclusive and inclusive researches, basic and applicable researches. Tasly has made extensive cooperation with many overseas scientific research institutes and universities like Harvard University, Aston University in England, Baker Medical Research Institute in Australia, etc. and has formed a huge scientific researching system with Tasly’s characteristics.

Expansion of international market: Tasly had already set up two organizing systems of international trade and international direct sales, and established a global marketing mode of expanding from developing countries to 
developed countries, and taking direct sales as major force to bring along distribution method. A relatively mature market distribution has taken into shape as “four regions and one spot”. Four regions include Asian area centered in Malaysia and Korea, European Area centered in Holland and France, North American Area centered in America, and African Area centered in South Africa and Nigeria. One spot refers to Russia.
International direct sales promote the integration of regional markets in Southeast Asia and Africa. In Africa, sales volume grows rapidly; the number of members reaches 220,000, covering 20 countries by the end of 2006. Local influence of the brand effect has taken shape. Channels for overseas cooperation keep expanding, and this lays solid foundation for TCM entering into the main stream of international medical market.

The distribution market keeps on strengthening market exploration through technological cooperation and strategic cooperation with internationally well-known enterprises. We have our brand registered in 34 countries around the globe, and entered into major medical market in 16 countries including Holland, South Africa, Russia and South Korea. In year 2006, Cardiotonic Pill successfully entered the medical market in Pakistan and India.