Public Welfare

Slogan: Let gratitude and loving kindness prevail

Sticking to bearing social ability as its liability, Tasly has been taking part in public welfare positively so as to promote the harmonious development of the society.  
While expanding its business scope, Tasly always keeps an eye on people’s commonwealth, such as encouraging teachers and working models, helping the senior citizens and the laid-off, donating to people in poverty, etc. 
The sincerity and generosity of Tasly has won the recognition and praise from the public. It has received numerous awards like Prominent Contributor for Philanthropy, Philanthropic Star, Red Cross medal, etc.

Participating the Development of the Western Region

1. The national policy of “developing the western region” represents the nation's care for the Western region. The region covers a large part of China, and the living conditions there are usually extremely poor due to geological isolation and bad weather. But the children in the western region had such an eager desire to get educated that they braved terrible weather and the winding mountain road to go to school every day. President Yan is greatly moved by their eagerness for knowledge, and donates 500,000 RMB personally to build up an elementary school named “Pengyang Central Elementary School”. Encouraged by Mr. Yan’s deed, the employees endows 300,000 RMB to bettering the local environment by planting evergreen trees over the mountains.

2.Tasly invests almost 6,000,000 RMB in setting up the Salvia miltiorrhiza source base in Shang Luo, Shanxi Province. It benefits a lot to the local farmers. On one hand, the herbal source base enlarges the vegetation area and reduced the wind, prevents the sand storm, thus improves the local environment; on the other, it improves the economic conditions of farmers. Earnings of the farmers have increased from 200RMB per Mu to 2,000RMB per Mu after they began to plant salvia miltiorrhiza.
The plantation base solves basic living problem of more than 90% of the farmers in four counties of Shang Luo.

3. Yin Yuzhen, a common farmer who received the award of “top 10 excellent women”. She insists on planting trees in the desert for nearly 20 years and makes great contribution to environmental improvement. Tasly is moved by her behavior, thus donates 300,000 RMB to build up a road for her in order to help her for convenient communication.

4.In 2011, Tasly Holding Group donated medicines worth 1 million Yuan to Yan’an, Shanxi Province. 

Inheriting and developing Chinese culture, promoting health education

1. In 2001, Tasly Group, together with China Association of Chinese Medicine and Tianjin Municipal Government, held the first Chinese Medicine Culture Festival. The festival was really a pageant of professional elites. Thousands of people who made contributions to TCM modernization presented the festival, including experienced herbalist doctors, excellent presidents of TCM universities, professional scholars and young TCM doctors, etc. Presided by President Yan, the festival held the unveiling of Chinese Medical Drawing, forum of TCM culture and development, academic seminar of TCM modernization, and an evening party. The festival also exhibited TCM cultural heritage, works of calligraphy and paintings.

2. In 2002, Tasly held Senior Forum of TCM Internationalization and International TCM Doctoral Forum consecutively.

3..By helding "Health Star" activities, Tasly spreads the idea of “Great health” to the public and creates a new mode for enterprises to return benefits to the society. The activity provides a solid guarantee for the improvement of health knowledge level of the people, thus on Jan 18th, 2003 health star activity was listed into “Community Health Education Project of Chinese Towns”

3.  In 2004, Tasly invited patriotic overseas Chinese to come to the company to experience the unique TCM culture, and made new contributions in promoting excellent TCM tradition and in the unification of the motherland.

4. In 2012, Tasly initiated a large-scale public benefit activity named Tasly·Hu Dayi Sending Health&Medical Service to Western China

5.In 2013, CMDA&Tasly Medical Doctors Rights-protection and Assistance Foundation was officially launched by Tasly. 

Helping those in need and supporting social public affairs with great efforts:

During the fight towards SARS in 2003, Tasly donated more than 1 million Yuan as well as a great amount of medicine and disinfection supplies. 

April 2005, Tasly donated its most successful product, Cardiotonic Pill valued 6.7 million RMB to CCF (China Charity Federation).

In 2008, Tasly donated medicines and money totaled more than 10 million Yuan to disaster area hit by Wenchuan Earthquake. 
In 2010, Tasly donated 1 million Yuan to Taiwan disaster area hit by Morakot typhoon. 
Apr. 28th 2013, Tasly collected money and medicines valued 6 million Yuan for Ya’an Lushan earthquake area and transport vital medicines including Cardiotonic Pill, Nourishing Blood and Cleaning Mind, Huoxiang Zhengqi Dripping Pill to Ya’an. 

 Aug.2015, Tasly donated 2 million Yuan to victims suffering from dangerous-cargo warehouse explosion accident in Binhai Distrcit, Tianjin. 

In 2016, Tasly Pharmaceutical Group was honored “The Most Socially Responsible Listed Pharmaceutical Company ” in the 9th Health China General Standings of 2016.