GAP(Good Agriculturing Practice)
CGEP(Current Good Extracting Practice)
GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)
GCP(Good Clinical Practice)
GLP(Good Laboratory Practice)
GSP(Good Supply Practice)

GAP:First drafted by EMEA in 1998, GAP is a controlling and processing standard for herbal planting. It monitors the quality stability and safety of raw materials. GAP is a general standard; there are SOP standards for each drug ingredient. This is used in the first workshop of TCM production

2.GEP:The GEP process covers extraction, condensation, chromatography, extraction, crystallization, filtration, drying, etc. Making strict GEP rule is of extreme importance not only to the influence and stability of the medicine's quality, but also to the improvement of its healing effect. The GEP standard embodies Chinese medical characters of balance and integrity, and borrows from Western medicine the emphasis on individual and digital quality standard during each production step. This is used in the second workshop of TCM production.

3.GMP:Since it came out in 1975, GMP has been used both as the basic principle for modern medical management, production, and the guarantee for the standardization of pharmaceutical enterprise. Medical production consists of many complex steps, all of which should be monitored strictly in order to avoid medical polluting and mixing. GMP is an effective way of quality control and management of production, and it is used in the third workshop of TCM production.

4.GCP:GCP is the standard regulation for clinical experiment. The purpose for this is to ensure the standardization of clinical experiment and the stability of the results as well as the safeguarding of the patients. As early as 1986 China began to get involved in GCP development, and on Sept. 1st, 1999, management and regulation on GCP came into being. 


5.GLP:GLP regulates experiment design, operation, data, reporting, supervision and the laboratory environment. It sets up rules for the organization, staff member, experimental apparatus and materials, as well as operational standard, plans, and files. This standard serves for guarantee of the reliability of medical security accessing data through the strict regulation on the above-mentioned process.

6.GSP:GSP is an indispensable part of quality and safety control. It prevents the possibilities of accidents due to inferior quality. GSP was issued by the State Drug and Food Administration on April 30th, 2000, and was carried out on July 1st of the same year. This is the first administrative regulation with coerciveness, and also the first to be adopted within legislation.