Dripping pills are formed in the following process: solid medicine with stroma is melted into hot solution, which later flowed through burette with fixed caliber into condensate liquid without mixing with each other. This preparation enjoys the advantages of fast velocity of discharge, high bioavailability, and small dose with instant effect. Dripping pills have great medical stability and are hard to dissolve in water and oxygen. Due to the shaping process under the liquid environment, the medicine remains unpolluted by dirt.

The Cardiotonic Pill is compound Chinese medical dripping pill produced with new and high technology. It develops further on the TCM basis, and boasts the advantages of controllable quality, advantageous preparation, highly effectiveness, quick dissolution, small dose and high stability. The advantages demonstrated as follows:

· Genetic technology in selecting elite seeds of salvia miltiorrhiza and notoginseng, and the medicine is treated with toxicants prevention. Standard management and scientific planting under GAP ensured the excellent quality of the herbal materials. 

· Advantageous technique in extracting effective ingredients Cardiotonic Pill possesses. It produces high velocity of discharge and heightens its bioavailability. 

· Adopts self-manufactured key equipment and internationally advanced techniques to overcome the shortcomings of instabilities of TCM ingredients.

· Adopts self-manufactured key equipment and internationally advanced techniques to overcome the shortcomings of instabilities of TCM ingredients.

· Using solid dispersion theory to quicken the dissolution speed and strengthen the effect after absorbed into blood.

· In accordance with international GLP standard, Tasly uses internationally advanced methods of HPLC, GC, and GC-MS to establish fingerprint spectrum, and to set up content controlling standard on Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, notoginseng and borneol.

Compared with its competitors, this product is proved to have better healing effect on headache and CCCI. The advantages are demonstrated as follows:

· Its prescription was composed on the basis of traditional Chinese medical theory and modern medicine and pharmacology. Tasly conducts all-round research on mechanism, quality control, pharmacological property and healing effect

· Advanced granule production technique overcomes the disadvantages of traditional production with excessive addiction.

· Pioneering technology of high performance liquid phase method on quality control.

The medical usage of radix bupleuri is commonly approved by generations of famous doctors, it is used for relieving the symptom of common cold. 

Bupleuri Dripping Pills enjoy distinct medical ingredients and effective pharmacological action. With further improvement of its innovative production technique, the product becomes popular with the doctors and patients owing to its small dosage, fewer toxicants, long-term effect, and convenience for storage and trasportation.

During the production process, effective parts of the materials are extracted and then formed dispersion system of solid molecule; this enables the medical molecules to be inserted into the carrier under the state of dispersion. The technique improved bioavailability and curing effect.