Quality Control

Tasly makes herbal supply base the first workshop of TCM production and takes great efforts in the constant bettering of SOP by controlling the quality from selecting the seeds, supervising the growing environment, managing the plantation, harvesting, packaging, storage, transportation and employee management.

Tasly Salvia miltiorrhiza Plantation in 
Shangluo, Shanxi Province

In accordance with international GLP standard, Tasly uses internationally advanced methods of HPLC, GC, and GC-MS to establish fingerprint spectrum, and to set up content controlling standard on Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae, notoginseng and borneol.

notoginseng fingerprint spectrum Salvia miltiorrhiza fingerprint spectrum borneol fingerprint spectrum

Tasly's products have won recognitions of national GMP, Australian TGA, ISO9001, ISO10012, ISO14001, OHSAH18001, and GB/T28001. Also, Tasly gains IMS, and became the pioneering enterprise that integrates quality, environment and safety into one management system. All these achievements enable Tasly to strive toward industrial scale economy and to build up a stout platform for modern TCM industry.

According to GMP, Tasly regulates more than 1,000 files as a controlling standard on production.

The specific measures on quality control include: files and data, training management, inspection management, public facilities management, equipment management, purchasing management, supplier management, material management, production management, systematic management through computers, measuring equipment management, unqualified goods management, goods management, customer feed-back management, correction and prevention measure, internal examination, management verification, quality inspection, deviation management, package management, technique processing management, side-effect reports management, etc.

(1)Customer feed-back
Tasly puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction and stipulates a complete settling process to deal with their suggestions. The Customer Service Dept. and Quality Control Dept. are in charge of communicating with the consumers and help them to solve the problems.

(2)Product reclaiming management
The process of product reclaiming stipulates in case of discovering drug mixture, medical pollution and unqualified products sampled by FDA. 

(3)People-oriented concept
Training in quality management is organized as needed in order to improve the employees'awareness and strengthen their concept of quality management.