Scientific Research

Selection of TCM recipe
Chinese medicine is precious treasure that could be dated back into ancient times, we should try as hard as possible to study them with modern scientific approaches and protect this ancient treasure with intellectual property rights. The national government put special emphasis on TCM, and carried out bills concerning the distribution of intellectual property rights of medicine.
Distinguishing effective ingredients of Chinese medicine

TCM's compound prescription is a complex system, and many problems are still to be solved, such as'how to evaluate the effect', 'which ingredients play the key role in releasing the symptom', etc. Further research on these problems will quicken the steps of TCM modernization and benefits the herbal research all around the world.

Research on Pharmacokinetics of compound prescriptions 

The research relies on the measurement rate of the chemical ingredients of compound preparation. It would assist to explore the scientific mechanisms of Chinese medical therapy. For example, the research on 'channel tropism' will help to develop certain preparation that could reduce the toxicants and side effects while increasing the effectiveness of compound preparation. In turn, the research could instruct of dosage given by herbalist doctors and effective monomer medicine.

Developing new lead compound from Chinese medical compound

During research, we endeavored to find lead compound like artemisin, indigo red, biphenyl dibasic acid esters etc. Restructuring the lead compound would possibly trigger the discovery of new chemical products, and what's more important is to seek the more effective ingredients of the compound prescription.

Based on the above-mentioned aspects, we need to take advantage of TCM knowledge, modern scientific technologies and coordination with other scientific subjects in order to brave new methods of Chinese medical and chemical medicine research, thus take the leading role in global research on new drug.