With the development of modern science and technology, Chinese medicine production abandons the old production method, and adopts new technique, materials and equipment to make new preparations for R&D. The production of new preparations changes the backwardness of TCM industry, and ensures the curing effect and stability of Chinese medicine. Modern TCM technology enhanced the level of medical production and lays a solid foundation for TCM international competitiveness.

Crush technology
Crushing is a necessary step during the pre-processing of medical production. After crushing, the superficial area of drugs will be enlarged. Dissolution, absorption and lixiviation of the effective ingredients will be accelerated. In recent years, the application of ultramicrotechnique, supersonic technology, and ultralow temperature technology have greatly improved the traditional crushing technique, the average diameter of medical particulates reached below 5-10µm instead of the previous 75µm. This allows us to make full use of the effective ingredients in the herbal plants, and shorten the time for the effective ingredients to dissolve out.
Technique for soaking and extracting 
The traditional technique includes boiling, soaking, percolation, reflux extraction and extraction. During the recent 20 years, scientific researchers have made thorough examination on those traditional approaches, and summed up a commonly accepted parameter method, which means taking extraction rate as the target and deciding parameters on an optimized extraction condition.


With the progress of scientific technology, new methods including semi-simulative extraction, supersonic extraction, supercutical fluid extraction, rotational flow extraction, reversing current extraction under pressure, and enzymatic extraction are adopted to improve the quality of Chinese medical preparation.  
·Semi-simulative extraction:From the viewpoint of biological pharmacy, it is a new extraction technique for preparation design. Stimulating the working environment of the gastrointestinal tract, this new extraction technique provide a new method for oral-taking medicine preparation.

·Supercutical fluid extraction(SFE):This method use fluid under supercutical status as extracting agent, and extract and separate the effective ingredients. Due to its innocuity, noncorrosiveness and proper critical condition(7.488Mpa,304.15K), CO2 become the favorite SF. 

·Supersonic extraction:Utilizing ultrasonic sound to increase the frequency and velocity of molecule movement, this method strengthens the penetrating power of the solvent, increase the speed of medical digestion and shortens the time for extraction.

·Reversing current extraction under pressure:This approach puts several extraction apparitions in series; the solvent and herbal materials pass through the reverse current and keep contact for enough time.