Industrial Chain

Oriented by 'Great health', Tasly builds up its modern TCM industrial chain based on the pharmaceutical industry and developed other fields covering chemical medicine, biological medicine, healthcare products, hygiene products, medical management, medical sales on the basis of pharmaceutical scientific research.

Tasly holds the concept of 'pursuing the harmonization of Man and Nature and improving People's life quality', and successfully builds up a modern TCM industrial chain with internationally advanced standard covering GAP, GEP, GMP, GCP/GLP and GSP. Tasly makes great efforts in promoting the internationalization of Chinese medicine and set up R&D platform with famous scientific research institutes all around the world. The Cardiotonic Pill, Tasly's most successful product, has registered as trademark in different countries. 

Beginning in 2002 when Tasly Pharmaceutical was successfully listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Tasly began to strive on the path towards industrialization, standardization and internationalization. 

Establishing the first workshop of modern TCM production---GAP herbal base: Tasly made special efforts in cultivating key materials in herbal bases in Shanxi, Yunnan and Hunan. According to SOP management standard, Tasly gradually formed modern plantation bases to integrate scientific research, plantation and processing. 

CGEP---the second workshop of modern TCM production. This standard benefits a lot in constructing professional, standard and digital modern TCM extraction industry, and standardize TCM extraction process and products'quality, controls manufacturing procedure. It also connects GAP and GMP, makes up the uncovering parts of GAP and GMP, thus improves the standardization of modern TCM industrial chain.

Establishing the third workshop of modern TCM production---GMP:The intent is to make full implementation with international standard of management, and better various preparation units like the dripping pill, capsule, granule, pill, injection, coating, etc. 
While promoting GSP standard and using international capitals, Tasly has built up hospital of internationally advanced level, and consummates virtuous cycle of the industrial chain, and finally realizes the correlative operation of clinical medicine, drugs, equipment and herbal materials.