Automatic Production Line for Dripping Pill

The automatic production line for dripping pill has been developed exclusively by Tasly with proprietary intellectual property rights. It is the biggest equipment for dripping pill production in China.

The Dripping Pill Machine of the 4th generation Automatic Bubbling Hood Package Machine


Automatic Packaging Line

Dripping pill automatic production line adopts advanced computer expert platform to conduct control and management. It includes production management system, supervising system, alarming system, logistic code management system and dynamic equipment management system. The production line realizes online collection of production data, supervision of quality standard, all-process management of logistic information, and equipment status analysis. The production line is of the first rate in China for its creativity in design, consistency in production, intensity in advanced technology and practicality in controlling system. Tasly sets up an example for hi-tech application and innovation in TCM modernization field, which will in turn promote the development of Great Health industry.