Technological Center


In 1997, enterprise technical center--- Tasly Medical R&D Center was founded. Later, the name was changed to Technological Center of Tasly Group. It is responsible for scientific research, technical research, and product development. Through years of development, it has become a modern technical center with advanced equipment, rational structure and perfect functional system. Two platforms for basic research and industrialization research have been built up. In Dec.2002, the Center was ratified as national enterprise technical center via the assessment of National Economy and Trading Committee and Chinese Academy of Science.

In recent years, Tasly has invested more funds in scientific R&D. Investment on scientific R&D has surpassed 100 million RMB for four consecutive years, and the invested amount has taken up over 10% of its sales revenue.

The Center is not only the center for basic research and new drug development, but also the cradle for senior staff of pharmaceutical field. The center shoulders the responsibility of technical development and specialist education, besides, development of new products, pharmacological and drug effect research, clinical pharmacological research, extraction of effective ingredients, preparation techniques, and quality standard also belong to the basic researches of the center.

At present, the Cardiotonic Pill, Nourishing Blood &Cleaning Brain Granule, Bupleuri Dripping Pill, Huoxiang Zhengqi Dripping Pill, Qishen Yiqi Dripping Pill, Chuanxinlian Lactone Dripping Pill, Weikang Capsule, and Silibing Capsule have already entered the market, and several other types of new drugs are still in the developing stage.

The developing stage of the new drugs enters into the virtuous cycle of 'production, reservation, development, and research鈥? More new medicines including TCM, chemical drugs and biomedicine are in the process of clinical research.

The industrial technology platform contains a modern TCM digital extraction center, middle-scale preparation production center, modern pharmaceutical production machine, project research center and GAP herbal resource base. Close combination of the two platforms will quicken the speed of transformation from scientific research achievement into productivity.


The construction of industrialization platforms is centered on a series of technology. Tasly Institute makes constant efforts to deepen scientific research and strives forward to realize the target of TCM standards, TCM digital extraction techniques and Modern TCM preparation. The center pioneers the standards of cGEP in China and makes its due contribution to building up core competitiveness of the enterprise.
The Center pays special attention to the protection of exclusive intellectual property, patents and declaration for scientific research patents. Many TCM prescriptions are endowed with the modern TCM concept and have become much improved and more effective through prescription selection,

pharmacology and potency experiment, and preparation improvement. The Center carries out the strategy of patent protection on key products. By the end of 2006, 235 invention patents had been accepted and 33 had been authorized.

Future development is planned on the basis of modern TCM, creative chemical drugs, and biomedicine research, which cover on the fields of Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, biological preparations, healthcare products, food and drinks. Through a combination of independent and cooperative research, domestic and international research, basic and industrialized research, medical product and healthcare product research, and research on development for traditional and modern product, the center aims to grow into a scientific research system with great market potentialities.