Human Resources Idea

Emphasizing both academic qualification and practical ability
Promoting the excellent employees
Salary based on performance and promotion opportunities based on ability


Sticking to the principle of hiring talented people disregard of nationality
Building up an enterprise that is open to the whole world with flexible structure and management
Salary and welfare based on performance and ability via the mechanism of share holding, allocation, and encouragement.

Adhere to the target of 'ever-lasting enterprise, ever-improving talented people'
Make the best use of talented people and provide platform for career development of the employees
Offering enough space for the working staff to show their potentials
Specific training towards staff of every level: leadership training for high-level managers, executive ability training for middle level employees, and professional skills training for primary level workers.

Advocate healthy habits and positive attitude towards life and career
Investment on improving the working environment of the employees
Promote communication between employees and the enterprise, activities like Labor Union symposium, travels of 'seeking roots', etc. are organized from time to time
Allowing employees to hold Tasly's stock, so that they will share the profits from the enterprise

Service---serve both the customers and the
  market with good credit
Loyalty---be faithful to the enterprise and
  professional to his/her position
Execution---be determined in carrying out
  the principles of the enterprise
Cooperation---active cooperation with
  honest attitude
Study---keep constant learning to promote
  oneself with the time