Tasly Group

Incorporated in 1994, Tasly Holding Group has now developed to an internationalized and high-tech cooperation, engaging in pan-health industry with biological medicine industry as the core business, health industry and medical service as two supporting businesses.


Guided by Chinese ancient civilization, Tasly is devoted to the philosophy “seeking for harmonization between human and nature, improving humankind life quality” . With the mission of “to share the joy of health with all”, Tasly aims to become the No. 1 in modern biological pharmaceuticals and leader of integrated health industry in China. By now, Tasly has set up a pan-health industry line, which contains six core industries,including bio-pharmaceutical industry, health products industry, herbs industry, medical industry, health management industry and children education industry.

Aiming to realize TCM globalization, Tasly has been sticking to develop the international market since its foundation. By now,  more than 30 types of preparation products in 8 medical categories of Tasly have been put into the international market. And the export routes cover 23 countries in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. With the distribution network spreading to more than 40 countries, Tasly’s distributor members have almost reached a million in the world. In recent years, Tasly has been listed in the top 10 of TCM exporters in China. And in 2016, Tasly Pharm. Co.,Ltd was listed in the Top 500 of Chinese Enterprises released by the US Fortune magazine.

In order to satisfy customers’ demand for healthy life,  Tasly has created an integrated health management pattern with disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and caring so as to provide health products and services to families globally. At last, Tasly aims to help all human beings to achieve the ideal life goal of ‘optimized birth, well education, prolonged life, less diseases and pacified leave’.