President's Speech

Tasly was established on the basis of the essence of Chinese medical culture. During the reform and opening-up period, we have gone through thick and thin together on the market economy, and finally open up a way of market-oriented development led by science and promoted by culture. From its establishment, Tasly has achieved leap-forward development. Taking Great Health industry as guideline and pharmaceutical industry as its center, Tasly has become a hi-tech enterprise covering the fields of modern TCM, chemical medicine, biological medicine, healthcare products, hygiene products, medical management, medical distribution, etc.

Our brand “Tasly” is the transliteration of the Chinese characters 天(in Chinese pronounced as tian), 士(in Chinese pronounced as shi), and 力(in Chinese pronounced as li). 天 stands for heaven or nature. It could also be explained as the things or forces of the utmost importance in Chinese culture, such as the strict and scientific laws. For an enterprise, 天could also be interpreted as the ever-changing market and the customers; 士 means outstanding people; and力 symbolizes power, for an enterprise, it refers to cohesion and the power of innovation. Since Tasly’s establishment, we have built it into an innovative enterprise promoting health industry. Stick to the concept of “pursuing harmonization of Man and Nature, improving People’s life quality”, Tasly makes steadfast efforts in updating industrial structure and product mix, innovating sales mode and scientific research connotation, expanding technical management and capital operation, thus we have made our due contribution to the health of all human beings.

“Tasly” is not only our brand, but also the representation of Tasly’s value. Sticking to the idea of “people oriented” and the demand of overall, harmonious and sustainable development, Tasly emphasizes on environmental protection and natural resource conservation. Tasly advocated the creation of customers’ value, and made practical conducts to shoulder the responsibility of serving the people for their health, as well as to realize the dream of the enterprise. We inherit and develop the traditional Chinese ethics, and support public commonwealth with heart and soul. While creating the glorious future of the company, we should always remember to make our efforts in building up a harmonious society.

Tasly is our pride, and also a stage of performing ourselves. From an enterprise that owned just one product---Cardiotonic Pill at its establishment, Tasly has grown up into an enterprise possesses series of products with modern preparations by hi-tech manufacturing. Cardiotonic Pill has become the first modern TCM that gains the approval of American FDA IND clinical medicine; it has entered into healthcare market of America, Africa, Holland, Britain, South Korean and Russian. All the achievements made by Tasly people show our great determination to strive forward on the road towards TCM modernization. The achievements made in recent years include application of new products and new preparations, conduction of GAP、GEP、GMP、GLP、GCP、GSP.

We have already passed a very important development stage. As the pioneering TCM enterprise, Tasly always keep in mind the concept of creation, and of expanding the market to biomedicine, chemical medicine and healthcare products field. Thanks to the hardwork of Tasly people and the support from the government and people, Tasly is able to develop rapidly into the international market.

With the in-dept development of modernization and internationalization, we are beginning to aware of the heavy responsibilities on our shoulders. If we compare the whole industrial system of the society to a forest, our enterprise is a growing tree. All the enterprises should share and exchange nutrition by the roots, thus they could brave all the hard conditions. It is in the same way that Tasly could strengthen itself and attempt to enter into the western medicine market, and to realize our ideal of “To share the joy of Health with All”.

Creation is the soul of Tasly, future development also relies on innovation. On the road of TCM modernization, we should inherit the concept of creation; and develop the spirit of innovation, in order to make more fruitful achievement to the society.