History of Development



Mr. Yan Kaijing nominated as President of Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd;
Celebration series of Tasly’s 20th Anniversary were held;
Great Health Exhibition Hall opened; 
Book Series of Tasly Great Health Culture were released; 
Tasly Listed in Top 500 of 2014 Fortune China; 
Tasly won 2014 Top 50 of Best Listed Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region;
Tasly launched North American operations in Maryland; 
First Deepure Cafe opened in Japan.


Mr. Yan Xijun nominated as Chairman of the Board of Tasly Holding Group; 
Mr. Yan Kaijing took over legal representative of Tasly Phar. Group Co. Ltd; 
Tasly Institution was granted as “National International Technological Cooperation Base ” by the Ministry of Science and Technology;
Cardiotonic Pill (Dantonic) carried out FDA phase III clinical trials in 137 research centers in 9 countries including America and Canada, no serious adverse events were reported 


Tasly ranked 1st in the 20 most competitive pharmaceutical companies in China, the market value of Cardiotonic Pills has increased over 260 times within 10 years after launching;
Tasly’s two research results won the second award of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology; 
The 3rd Tasly Global Distributor Conference was held in Japan; 
Tasly Phar. Co. Ltd won Top 10 of BIVA Award of the listed medical companies; 
Mr. Yan Kaijing was nominated as the GM of Tasly Phar. Group Co. Ltd; 
Tasly Deepure Biological Tea Base was put into operation. 


Tasly invested to set up the 1st Overseas TCM R&D and Display Center in Maryland; 
Tasly launched FDA-regulated Phase-III clinical trails of Cardiotonic Pill(Dantonic);


The successful completion of Cardiotonic Pills’ FDA Phase II trial is a milestone in the internationalization of TCM, the Modern TCM International Production and Academic Alliance was initiated; 
Tasly won Top 10 of the international enterprise culture competitiveness; 
Tasly Global TCM Distribution Conference was held in South Africa. 


Salvia miltiorrhiza seeds that traveled with Shenzhou 7 spacecraft were landed in Tasly Shangluo GAP base; 
Deepure Instant Tea launched in Hongkong market;
Annual sales revenue of Tasly Group reached 8.62 billion Yuan. 


“Encyclopedia of Salvia” , edited by Chairman Yan Xijun, was published and is the milestone for modern bencaological study; 
Tasly set up a component TCM technical engineer center in cooperation with Tianjin University of TCM and Zhejiang University; 
Compound Danshen Dripping Pill and Chaihu Dripping Pill obtained natural medicine registration license issued by Health Agency of Canada; 
Tasly was selected as the initial national innovation-oriented enterprise;
The 1st Tasly Global Distributors Conference was held in Malaysia;


FDA Phase-II clinical trials of Cardiotonic Pill were initiated;


Tasly products were registered in 34 countries and entered the pharmaceutical market of 16 countries and regions.


The International Exchange Center in Tasly TCM Garden went into operation. 
Tasly trademark was identified as Chinese well-known trademark. 


Anti-tumor innovative chemical medicine Temozolomide Capsules went into market;
TCM fingerprint application demonstration research initiated by Tasly,Zhejiang University and other organizations was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and National TCM Management Bureau, which realized an important progress in quality control of TCM.
Tasly Modern TCM Garden was listed as national industrial tourism demonstration site and selected as China Enterprise Culture Construction Base.


Tasly’s Shangluo salvia pharmaceutical base obtained the first national GAP approval; 
Tasly built a modern liquor factory in Guizhou, which is the preliminary stage of great health system establishment.


On 2002, August 23rd, Tasly Pharmaceutical was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange;
Sales volume of Cardiotonic Pill exceeded 1 billion Yuan, which is a new record for domestic sales of a single drug.

Tasly Institute won assertion of national enterprise technical center.



Tasly initiated the concept of GEP (Good Extraction Practice); 
A postdoctoral research station was opened in Tasly Research Institute.


Tasly Phar. Co. Ltd was founded; 
Cardiotonic Pill was approved by Russian Ministry of Health and it was launched into Russian market , it became the first compound herbal prescription drug for treatment of CCVD approved in Russia. 
ICP (Cardiotonic Pill) was registered as OTC drug in South Korea;


Tasly built the domestically first GAP-compliant herb plantation base in Shangluo,Shaanxi province.


Cardiotonic Pill was approved as the national protected TCM and registered as medicine in Vietnam.


The IND application of Cardiotonic Pill(ICP) as a therapeutic drug was approved by FDA in December. 


Yan Xijun, General Manager of Tasly, initiated the new concept of modern TCM.
Tasly’s new product Tasly Cerebalcare Granules got new drug certificate.


Cardiotonic Dripping Pill won the first-class science and technology progress award from Tianjin Medicine Management Bureau and the international outstanding achievement from the 2nd World Traditional Medicine Conference.


Established on May 10, Tasly industrialized Cardiotonic Dripping Pill (ICP) and lanuched it into Chinese hospital market.