Sticking to the development guideline of “new thoughts, high technology, high starting point and rapid steps”, Tasly promotes the rapid development by the driving force of technology, market and culture. Enterprise cultural system with Tasly characteristics has gradually formed, which takes “Pursue the Harmonization of Man and Nature, Improving People’s Life Quality” as its concept, “cultural practice” as core connotation, “people oriented enterprise with high credit and good faith” as common value, “braving hardships and challenges, dedicating to make contributions and seeking for better improvement” as its spirit, “share the joy of health with all” as its target, “ever-lasting enterprise, ever-improved talented people and ever-respected brand” as its strategic conception. 
Tasly’s enterprise culture prominently embodies the characteristic of “combining traditional culture with modern culture, advanced culture with market activities,”. Relying on “law of value” and “enterprise culture”, Tasly sticks to self-innovation, strengthens comprehensive competitiveness.

Connotation of Tasly

Brand “Tasly” is the transliteration of the Chinese characters 天(in Chinese pronounced as tian), 士(in Chinese pronounced as shi), and 力(in Chinese pronounced as li).

天 stands for heaven or nature, it symbolizes mission. It could also be explained as the things or forces of the utmost importance in Chinese culture, such as strict and scientific laws, for an enterprise, 天could also be interpreted as the ever-changing market and the customers.

士 means either outstanding people, who made contributions to the prosperity of the country or to the health and safety of the people, or the coming guests with good faith. 

力 symbolizes power. For an enterprise, it refers to cohesion and the power of innovation, the competitiveness of seizing opportunities and productivity of prospering its business.  

Enterprise Concept

Pursue the Harmonization of Man and Nature, Improving People’s Life Quality 
“Harmonization of Man and Nature” is the essence of ancient Chinese culture and the philosophical concept of Tasly people. “Improving People’s Life Quality” is the management concept of our enterprise in accordance with the central task of the 21st century put forward by UN international culture and health organization.

Harmony is the essence of Tasly Group: harmonious relationship between man and nature helps both to achieve mutual development; harmonious relations between body and soul ensure the prosperity of a nation; harmonious business ties expand trading scope; harmonious society enables the good functions of the government and happiness of the people; harmony needs changes, innovations and advancement with times; harmony means wisdom, erudite in knowledge about China and the outside world; harmony leads to victory, inheritance and the diffusion of its culture. 

During the pursuit of harmonious relation with Nature, society, people and culture, Tasly wins the recognition of the whole world, and makes its noble cause of “sharing modern TCM with all” ever lasting.
Within the cultural background of Chinese medicine, this concept will be embodied and sublimed in the course of technological progress, technical innovation, quality improvement and mega-service.

Enterprise Logo

You can see two Chinese characters “天” (heaven or nature), “人” (human), and an English letter “A” within the logo. It means that human and nature are mutual dependent as an organic whole. 
The characters of “天” and “人” symbolize Tasly’s philosophical concept of “Harmonization of Man and Nature”, and the thought of sustainable development. The triangular shape is the most stable structure, which embodies the smooth and effective management style of the enterprise. 

You can see three A's in the symbol which demonstrates our target of achievement. That is striving to become a first-class multinational group. 

Standard color: The standard color of Tasly logo is composed by red and black, both of which symbolize solenm atomsphere and give people great visual impact. The red color represents the vigor and enthusiasm of Tasly people.
The design of this logo won the first award of CIS, and was collected into first volume of Chinese CIS Yearbook, which represents the highest level of CIS design in China. 

Healing the wounded and 
rescue the dying
devoting itself to the noble
cause of Human Health
  Pursue the harmonization of Man and Nature,
Improving People's Life Quality
Construction of enterprise culture with Tasly characteristics
Setting up unique brand in pharmaceutical field
Leading the direction of Modern TCM
  Pursue the harmonization of Man and Nature, 
Improving People's Life Quality
Promoting overall internationalization
Building up multinational pharmaceutical Group
Creating world famous brand

Common value

Taking “people oriented enterprise with high credit and good faith” as its common value, Tasly makes great efforts in innovation and service: adopting innovation to update with the time, adapting itself to the rapid development, using good faith to serve the enterprise as well as the market, improving service quality to attract customers and to realize the enterprise value. Tasly seeks common development of the enterprise and the employees, and common progress of society and the enterprise.