Strategic Conception

Strategic conception: ever-lasting enterprise, ever-improving talented people and ever-respected brand 

These policies and lines show great expectation to Tasly from the nation and the society, as well as the longing for bright future. They are the strategies guiding the development of Tasly.

Ever-lasting enterprise: The enterprise makes clear its industrial fields, and takes “Great Health” industry as its masterstroke and pharmaceutical production as center. Four stages of development are regulated as new enterprise, excellent enterprise, outstanding enterprise, and ever-lasting enterprise.

Ever-improving talented people: People are the most important resources for Tasly, thus employee training is of utmost importance. The purpose is to form professional working team covering technology, management, production, marketing and academic knowledge. Tasly people should get along well with each other, coordinate with each other, unite together to pursue the common target.

Tasly tries to provide a harmonious environment where every employee could make full use of his or her potentials, exchange information freely and cooperate effectively. It also advocates creation and expansion of knowledge scope, thus makes employees able to solve problems concerning not only their own job, but also other positions. 

Ever-respected brand: Tasly aims at building up a well-known and long-lasting brand with unique characteristics, expanding the fame of the brand “Tasly” from products to enterprise’s brand, from pharmaceutical industry to Great Health industry, from domestic market to overseas market.

Elevating the brand value:
Elevating customers’ value: It includes increasing the ability of dealing with the information, of the confidence in purchasing decision, of the satisfaction with the products.

Elevating enterprise’s value: It includes increasing sales efficiency, brand credit, and competitive advantages, as well as providing legal protection.

Elevating Employee’s value: Increasing the value of each individual and realizing his or her carrier objectives.

· First step: Building up the scale of production based on high technology in a relatively short time, which is basically realized within the first 10 years.

· Second step: Taking Great Health industry as guideline and pharmaceutical industry as center, Tasly lays solid foundation for its goal of internationalization. We are now at this crucial step. The guideline for this step to develop high-level scientific research, to adopt accurate techniques, to bring up professional working staff, to provide excellent service, to exploit prosperous market and powerful industry to set up comprehensive enterprise. Four rules are regulated to guarantee the above-mentioned guideline, namely, brand guarantee, cultural guarantee, financial guarantee and knowledge guarantee.

· Third step: Establishing internationalized Group to strengthen its business foundation.
Specific requirements of globalization: “6 focus”

Focusing the thoughts on the concept of enterprise development strategy and management concept
Focusing all actions on the target and direction of internationalization
Focusing all practical work and industrial programming on Great Health industry
Focusing all data and conclusions on accurate and scientific standard
Focusing all principles for action on guaranteeing the quality of products
Focusing all promises to the customers on excellent service.