Book Series

Chinese Medicine Drawing
The bilingual Chinese Medicine Drawing is chiefly edited by President Yan Xijun. The book tells TCM history with beautiful language and vivid pictures, it aims at carrying forward TCM culture and spreading Chinese medical science. The book also becomes the media of promoting cultural quality and spreading cultural brand.

Light of Civilization

Chinese medicine is a light of civilization sent out from ancient times. This is the light of energy and richness. But whether the essence of the light could be inherited and developed by the Chinese people, whether the connotation of Chinese medicine will be elevated in the process of history, and whether human beings could receive benefits from it? The book mainly writes about the explorations and solutions for these problems.

TAsly Stories
The establishers of Tasly are well-trained soldiers like Yan Xijun and Wu Naifeng, they devote themselves into the noble cause of promoting the development of TCM, carrying forward the TCM cultural history, and making TCM well known around the world. To realize these goals, they make painstaking efforts to set up a TCM industrial demonstration base enterprise that features itself in modern management innovation and completion of modern TCM industrial chain.

The book records the deeds and contributions Tasly people have made in order to spread the spirit of Tasly. Exemplary employees are listed in the book to encourage more and more people to dedicate themselves to the development of Tasly and encourage people to meet more challenges, thus Tasly will strive forward on the path aiming at “share the joy of health with all”.

Health Star Album of Painting

“Welcome health stars to Tasly” is the unique project Tasly holds to offer health service to customers. It is also a practical creation of changing traditional sales mode, popularizing health concept and creating customers’ value. The activity is not only the representation of Tasly’s concept of “pursuing harmonization of Man and Nature, improving People’s life quality”, but also an exploration on “share the joy of health with all”.

Yan Xijun, President of Tasly, planed and sponsored “Welcome Health Stars To Tasly” social activity in June 2001. This activity spreads out rapidly in the scope of Mainland China. Delegates of health stars come to visit Tasly modern TCM garden and enter the workshops to see the process of extracting and producing. Tasly dedicates itself to providing a series of high-quality health products, spreading health knowledge and setting up a perfect service network in order to achieve the goal of improving the health quality of people.

Health stars come from all walks of life. They come to Tasly and express their happiness and gratitude through works of painting, calligraphy, etc. Their works are the most precious treasure for Tasly, because they represent the unique customer culture of the enterprise and reveal the pursuit for healthy life.

Stamp of Excellent Retired Soldier---Yan Xijun

On Aug. 1st, 2004, China Post issued a series of stamps exhibiting excellent retired soldiers, and Yan Xijun, president of Tasly Group is one of them.

The stamp series are entitled “Extending Great Wall---Elegant demeanor of retired soldiers”. It is the first time to use stamps to show the lives of soldiers after their retirement. They establish their own careers after they left the army and continue to make contributions to the society and the people. The stamps are of strong cultural characteristics, so they are also the shining points on the cultural communication platform of the stamps round the world.

The Boundless Innovator

Life of a giant is to keep striving and seeking. Because in this world, there is only the pursuit for perfection, but no perfect person. 

With the utmost striving against all difficulties, one can only get closer toward the goal of perfection bit by bit, and yet it is still unable to reach it as the bar kept rising. That is called the boundless innovator. Tasly, a persistent innovator, a giant who devotes all his efforts to the industry of Great Health, is marching toward on the path of Great Health with incomparably firm persistence and determination. Although there are hardships and difficulties along the path, there remain beautiful sceneries by our side. Looking back into the past, Tasly is gratified for its achievements, while look into the future, wide and unlimited space ahead are still to be conquered.

Tasly Ten Years
The book was published in 2004, when Tasly commemorated its 10th anniversary. During ten years of development, Tasly shoulders the responsibility of "share the joy of health with all" and devotes itself to Great Health industry by sticking to the enterprise concept of "pursing harmonization of Man and Nature, improving people's life quality".
Since its establishment till now, Tasly has set up a talent team from a science research achievement; developed own brand marketing mode industry from one single product; constructed capital management platform from one single product item; created an enterprise culture from modern enterprise management and innovation; and build up Tasly Great Health industry from modern TCM exploitation.