Cultural System


China (Tianjin) First TCM Cultural Festival
On May 26th, 2001, China (Tianjin) First TCM Cultural Festival unveiled its curtain at Tasly Modern TCM Garden. Tianjin Municipal Government and National Association of Chinese Medicine sponsored the festival, and it was sponsored by Tasly Group and Tianjin News Agency. The festival aroused strong responses from all the country by its well-defined topic of “Succession, development and sharing”. It aims at strengthening the power in TCM scientific research and industrial field, spreading the unique 

philosophy of Chinese medicine, exploring the connotation of traditional culture of Chinese medicine, exhibiting the achievement of our TCM industry, heightening the position of TCM in world medical scientific circle, thus promoting the rapid development of TCM industry. During the festival, many activities were held such as seminars, volunteer medical consultation, exhibition of TCM cultural heritage, evening party, etc. 

Tasly's cultural activity of “seeking the roots”
The activity is held in order to seek cultural roots of the enterprise. In 2002, president Yan Xijun, together with several high-level and middle-level managers, starts the activity. In the following years, representatives of Tasly employees went to the tomb of Emperor Huang to seek the root of national culture; visited Shang Luo, the herbal plantation base of Salvia miltiorrhiza to seek the root of 

modern TCM; they also made their vow at Yan’an, the place where China’s revolution started. The activities aim at keeping clear conscious about present situations, guarding against arrogance, and emancipating the mind, updating with new concept, integrating resources, thus realize the development goal of innovation in a rapid and all-round way.

Publication of Chinese Medicine Drawing
The bilingual Chinese Medicine Drawing is chiefly edited by President Yan Xijun. The book tells TCM history with beautiful language and vivid pictures, it aims at carrying forward TCM culture and spreading Chinese medical science. The book also becomes the media of promoting cultural quality and spreading cultural brand.
Academic works Cardiotonic Pill was recommended to EMEA
The academic work of modern TCM Cardiotonic Pill, edited by Zhu Guoguang, vice-chairman of European TCM Association, was formally published. And the Association recommended the book as the first modern TCM academic works to EMEA.