Modern TCM Department

Established in 1994, the Department is a scientific R&D organization in charge of R&D on new medicine. To be more specific, the Department combines modern technique with TCM theory to explore new drugs, conducts basic research on medicine entered the market, provides technical support for the market, dedicates to researches on extraction, separation, determination on effective ingredients of the medicine. Meanwhile, the institute also instructs herbal base construction, develops new preparations and medicine.

Holding the standpoint of independent medical R&D, the Department makes full use of external resources in order to strengthen technical cooperation to develop new medicine. Several projects are under research, a large part of which contains oral medicine preparation and TCM injection. At present, the Cardiotonic Pill, Nourishing Blood &Cleaning Brain Granule, Bupleuri Dripping Pill, Huoxiang Zhengqi Dripping Pill, Qishen Yiqi Dripping Pill, Chuanxinlian Lactone Dripping Pill, Weikang Capsule, and Silibing Capsule have already entered the market, and several other oral-taken types of new drugs are still in the developing stage. The developing stage of the new drugs enters into virtuous cycle of 'production, reservation, development, and research'. The institute takes charges of two projects from the national technological department and research on materials for Salvia miltiorrhiza and quality standard for its extraction have been successfully completed.