Pharmacology and Toxicology Department

The Department was first established in July 2003. It is the drug-screening center for Tasly Institute and makes constant efforts on drug-screening and evaluation on pharmacology, medicine effect and toxicology.

New laboratory has been set up in 2007. The new working environment contains an air purification system and four major functional areas, namely, cell cultivating room, office, laboratory and animal raising house (including cultivating equipment on SPF level). At present, the Department is preparing the application work for GLP laboratory.

Major functions include: drug-screening and confirmation on the drug efficacy of the new Chinese Medicine; medical safety evaluation and drug toxicity screening; in-depth exploration of medicines that have entered the market; pharmacological test reports and verification of pharmacological materials for imported medicines. The relevant medical fields cover the medical series for circulatory system, the digestion system, the endocrine system, and anti-tumor and anti-virus medicine.

The Department has established friendly cooperative relations with many research institutes and universities like Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Tianjin Hospital for Tumors, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Shanghai Biomedical Technology Co. ltd, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Tianjin Institute for Drug Control, Tianjin Center for Hygiene and Disease Prevention, etc. Besides, it also establishes cooperative intentions with several domestic GLP safety evaluation centers.

The institute makes constant efforts in strengthening its scientific research team, improving management levels, perfecting safety evaluation work for new medicines, building up a national GLP lab center, applying for SFDA certificates, and enriching experimental platforms for pharmacodynamics.