Bio-Medicine Department

The Department was established at the beginning of 2001, aiming at setting up a biomedicine R&D platform and exploring first-rate bio-products. An internationally advanced R&D laboratory is set up and newly developed apparatus are equipped to serve the multi R&D system. Upper stream technical research offices, down stream technical research offices, medical examination research offices and vaccine research offices, assisted by the technical research environment on GLP standard, are the supporting force for Tasly's plan of 'development strategy for the 21st century'.

In accordance with market demands and the development tendency of biomedicine, Tasly Group assigns the R&D task of monoclonal antibody medicine, restructuring protein medicine and vaccines for the Department. Relevant techniques refer to cultivation of animal body cells, micro organic fermentation, protein separation and purification, serial investigation techniques, etc.

Medical treatment products cover the field of medicines for circulatory system, immunity system, cancer and other diseases. In the first field, the Department continues to do researches on new products on the basis of exploration of urokinase, and establishes large-scale platform for animal body cells cultivation. In the immunity field, further studies on blood platelet nutrilit gel and restructuring human B interferon will be conducted more thoroughly, and this could provide an excellent opportunity for setting up a technical platform for micro organic fermentation. Research on vaccine takes both prevention and treatment as the foundation for technical platform and forms a stable production technique in order to realize international cooperation.