Food and Healthcare Products Department

The Department was set up in April 2004, with three sub research offices concerning food, extracted spirit and analysis.
Taking the concept of 'the talented as the main part of development, projects as the basis of development, management as the guarantee of development', the Department makes a constant effort in research and development, and tries to build up a modern R&D base that meets international standard for healthcare products and extracted spirits.
            The Department combines modern techniques with TCM theory to develop the healthcare products. Meanwhile, they also conduct basic research for products on the market in order to provide technical support. The institute takes research on new materials and new techniques as the foundation and constructs a technological research platform for food, sets up and perfects the procedures of food ingredient examination, and builds up safety inspection laboratories. Now, protein powder, probiotics powder, milky
calcium tablet, and fat reducing granule have entered the market, and another several kinds of products are in the process of applying.
The institute emphasizes innovation for scientific research. It develops its own characteristics of combining the traditional wine brewing techniques with modern scientific achievement. The researchers make thorough investigation on relevant relationship between the manufacturing process and the mechanism of harmful ingredients of traditional wine, and take advantages of DNA separation technique, infra-red macro fingerprint technique and modern controlling standards in order to improve the quality and to eliminate the harmful ingredients, thus creating its own 'modern wine'.
Besides self R&D, the institute cooperates with Tsing Hua University, the Chinese Academy of Science, and other scientific research institutes both at home and abroad.