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International Symposium on COVID-19 Treatment (China·America·Europe) was held

Source:Tasly Holding Group

At 8:00 pm, on April 6 (Beijing time), the International Symposium on COVID-19 (China·America·Europe) was held via webcast. Well-known scientists and clinicians from all around the world shared and explored the latest anti-pandemic policies, scientific discoveries, treatment plans and scientific achievements. Academician Xiaolin Tong, an expert of Central Guiding Team on COVID-19, head of Medical Treatment Team of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the symposium, numerous patients were infected in the outbreak but received interventions with Chinese medicine in the earliest time, which played a vital role in containing the outbreak when there was no wonder drug or vaccine against the virus.

Jun Song, a member of the Leading Party Members' Group and Executive Secretary of China Association for Science and Technology, remarks.

 Xiaolin Tong made a presentation titled TCM Knowledge and Treatment on COVID-19. We have identified the pathogenesis according to the classical TCM theories, environmental factors predisposing the disease and signs and symptoms of the patients. After considering patients’ clinical manifestations, we observed thick greasy white tongue fur with modest fever for most of the infected, even low fever or no fever for the majority of severe and critical cases, which are the characteristics of significant Syndrome of Coldness and Dampness. This kind of tongue manifestation is pertaining to Cold-Dampness syndrome from the perspective of TCM. It is diagnosed as cold-damp plague when the body is affected by coldness and dampness under frigid and humid conditions.
Facing the soaring increase in patient volume at the fever clinics, a conception of turning the focus of treatment towards the community was proposed by the expert team. An individualized specific prescription was not possible for massive patients in the outbreak of such an major infectious disease. A general prescription must be developed. With the specific aim of ventilating lungs and dissipating dampness, the Wuhan Anti-Epidemic Prescription or the No. 1 Prescription was developed by Xiaolin Tong and local experts, which was used generally to treat the mild, moderate or suspected COVID-19 cases and the febrile patients in home isolation. The No. 1 Prescription was applied widely in the whole city by Wuhan Municipal Health Commission and widely used in the communities, mobile cabin hospitals and isolation sites. It was further promoted to all parts of Hubei Province. By March 13, over 700,000 doses of No. 1 Prescription have been dispensed and over 50,000 patients have received the Prescription in Hubei Province. It has been demonstrated that the symptoms have lessened or disappeared in 1 to 3 days after receiving the TCM for patients in early stage. The TCM has played a vital role in managing the medical conditions, especially in preventing it from developing into severe cases.

Academician Xiaolin Tong of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, also an expert of Central Guiding Team, remarks 

Xiaolin Tong said that as the global confirmed cases of COVID-19 had exceeded 1.3 million at present, there has been none of increase in Wuhan for successive days.  TCM highlights unique strength and effect in the whole course of treatment of COVID-19: In the 720 clinical mild and modest cases, the frequency of becoming severe is 0% in TCM Prescription group (none aggravated), compared with 6.5% for the control group. Of 662 cases of severe / critical patients observed, the risk of death decreased by 87.7% for the TCM Decoction group. 420 patients received comprehensive interventions in recovery period, symptoms improved significantly, with a frequency of recurring positive in comprehensive intervention group (2.77%) substantially lower than the control group (15.79%). All of these differences were statistically significant. It can be said that TCM have been validated in the pandemic and have contributed China’s wisdom to the whole world in fighting against the pandemic.

Professor Andrew Schober at University of California, an US expert in Critical Care Medicine, remarks

Jun Song, a member of the Leading Party Members' Group and Executive Secretary of China Association for Science and Technology and Hong Zhu, a minister of commercial office with Chinese Embassy in the United States, give their remarks. Director Wenguang Xia (head of Medical Expert Team on COVID-19 of Hubei Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine and director of Clinical Center for Rehabilitation Research with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Hubei Province), Professor Andrew Schober (an expert in Critical Care Medicine and a professor from Anesthesiology Department at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center) and Director Christoph Gutenbrunner (Chairman of WHO’s Global Rehabilitation Alliance and Director of Rehabilitation Center at Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Germany). Experts attending the symposium believe that no country is immune to the outbreak as the pandemic is spreading around the world. The only way out is being united to confront the pandemic together.

Director Wenguang Xia, head of Medical Expert Team on COVID-19 from Hubei Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, remarks.

Dr. Kaijing Yan, Executive Chairman of the Board of Tasly Holding Group, said that it is the bounden duty of the enterprises to participate in the battle against the pandemic and devote more time and energy to the pandemic prevention and control in the harsh time of global COVID-19 pandemic. China has witnessed great periodical achievements in combating the pandemic since its outbreak. It is well recognized that great therapeutic effect has been achieved by combined use of TCM and Western Medicine. Tasly has always been committed to promoting the internationalization of TCM. A number of paradigmatic TCM academic research and medical care facilities have been set up in countries and regions like America, Australia and Europe in recent years. With the support from China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and joint efforts of relevant organizations, Joint Wisdom International TCM Sharing Platform, the first cloud-based exchange platform, is established by Tasly Holding Group, whose aims are: using the Internet Cloud TCM system to establish a long-term mechanism of international academic communication and cooperation for TCM; combining human resources of Chinese and international experts; sharing the medical expertise and clinical experience of TCM with the wider world to better serve the needs of the public. An International Academic Platform for Cooperation has been set up specially for the COVID-19 pandemic, which is led by Academician Boli Zhang and Academician Xiaolin Tong from Chinese Academy of Sciences, to facilitate long-term academic communication for integrating traditional Chinese and western Medicine, explore new technology and methods, and share or discuss clinical cases.

Dr. Xijun Yan,Vice President of China Association of Chinese Medicine, Chairman of the Board of Tasly Holding Group, made the concluding remarks. He said that the COVID-19 pandemic is a public health emergency affecting the life and health for all people around the world with such high prevalence or such great harms never seen before. By organizing the academic symposium in the critical time for global prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic, it is hoped that we can change our mind and make a consensus about TCM in treating COVID-19 to get an insight into its clinical expertise and experience. In the future, we will make full use of Joint Wisdom International TCM Sharing Platform to provide new technical methods that can be learned and integrated, offer functions such as medical counselling, enquiry, review, etc., and contribute to academic consensus for integrating traditional Chinese and western medicines. He also declared, Tasly Foundation will provide 1000 person-doses of two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine granules to those who need by Tasly America Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and its medical platform in Canada on behalf of Tasly staff. One kind of granules was developed by Academician Boli Zhang for patients with mild symptoms in their early stage of treatment. The other kind of granules was developed by Academician Xiaolin Tong for close contacts in the community for early prevention.

The Symposium is hosted by China Association of Chinese Medicine and co-organized by Tasly Holding Group, American TCM Association and Tasly Foundation. The main venue is set in Tianjin, with multiple parallel sessions taking place in America, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, etc. It is reported that international symposiums on COVID-19 treatment will continue. The planning is underway.