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Tasly seizing the opportunity of “new infrastructure” to stimulate further development

Source:People's Daily

Due to influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises in China become to attach more and more attention to intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation. The “new industry infrastructure” refers to combination of digitization and industrialization. It relies on manufacture transformation and management innovation for enterprises to resume  production through intelligent manufacturing.

“The core of digital age of industry lies in innovation. Governmental policies towards “new infrastructure” will offer opportunities for the development of enterprises ’’  Executive Chairman of Tasly Holding Group Yan Kaijing says. As one of the first group of model pharmaceutical enterprises in intelligence manufacturing, Tasly Holding Group has been devoted to developing intelligence manufacturing which plays a key role not only to development of Tasly but also to Chinese pharmaceutical industry in terms of structure acceleration and intelligence manufacturing construction.

full-automatic dripping-pill packaging line of Tasly 

During the process of application of Dantonic(T89) for FDA certificate,  Tasly has been devoted to enhancing its research and manufacture ability. The whole industry chain in Tasly has been promoted in terms of pharmaceutical concept, drug research, manufacture technology as well as the team ability, etc. It is during this period that Tasly has developed the 5th-generation Ultra High-speed Dripping Pill Machine and full-automatic dripping-pill packaging line all by its own.

the 5th-generation Ultra High-speed Dripping Pill Machine

The core of TCM intelligence manufacturing lies in quality digitization. As one traditional Chinese medicinal material contains thousands of ingredients, there could be complex physical and chemical transformation during the production process. Such being the case, it is very tough in terms of quality control for TCM. Owing to persistent endeavor, Tasly has initiated a big-data monitoring platform of TCM manufacturing as well as a production line of extraction preparations satisfying international standards certification. They have already been put in operation successfully for production of two major drug as well as process and quality improvement of other products in Tasly. Furthermore, it offers a mature technique route line for intelligence manufacturing of pharmaceutical industry to follow in China.