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Establishment of International Tea Day will make Deepure Tea become more popular  worldwide  

Source:Tasly Holding Group

May 21,2020, the United Nations established the first "International Tea Day." As one of the world's three major beverage, tea originates from  China and is popular in the world. The establishment of "International Tea Day", reflects the international community's recognition of the importance of the value of tea.

Ever since the Paleozoic Era, tea has been used by humankind. The tea drinking way has been developing through four stages: from eating tea, brewed tea, tea bag to instant tea. As a representative of the instant tea , Deepure Tea, which is healthy and convenient to drink, initiates the  4th stage of tea drink and has been popular with worldwide recognition.

It was in May 2015 that Deepure Tea showed at Expo Milano to the world as the nominated tea drink of Chinese Enterprises United Pavilion. It attracted a lot of foreign fans who were fond of it . In 2018, a delegation of nearly 50 senior foreign diplomats representing 19 nations in China, paid a visit to Tasly Deepure Biotea Valley and evaluated highly about Deepure Tea after drinking it.  

In ancient time, Chinese tea was brought to Europe and Asia from the western region through the old Tea-trading Road.  Nowadays, Deepure Tea, which represents the new generation of Chinese tea drinks, is redefining tea drinking way and has initiated a fashion tea culture in worldwide.

With International Tea Day, Chinese Tea will connect with world closer and the Deepure Tea will be more popular worldwide in the future.