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Openning of Sino-German TCM Center marks Tasly’s great progress in internationalization

Source:Tasly Group

June 8th,2018 German Time—Seminar&Opening Ceremony of Sino-German TCM Center was held in Leibniz University of Hannover. Executive Chairman of Tasly Group, Mr.Yan Kaijing attended the ceremony.

Opening Ceremony of Sino-German TCM Center

Executive Chairman of Tasly Group Mr.Yan Kaijing

The Center, which was initiated by China Academy of Chinese Medical Science and sponsored by Tasly Group,Hanover Medicine University and Sino-German Medicine Academy affiliated to Germany Federal Medical Association, is a national-level overseas TCM center authorized by China Academy of Chinese Medical Science. As an important achievement of Sino-German cooperation in sanitary area, its opening is also one of key strategical measure of Tasly in TCM internationalization. 

Director of International Cooperation Dept of China Academy of Chinese Medical Science Mr. Zhu Haidong

                                                 Director of MHH Professors Association Prof. Dr. Gutenbrunner Christoph
In the future, Tasly will strengthen cooperation with main-stream European medical research organizations and explore clinical pathway of integration of Chinese and western medicine so as to promote German and European medical association’s understanding and recognition towards therapy effect, characteristic and mechanism of TCM as well as speed up progress of TCM internationalization.