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Executive Chairman Yan Kaijing taking office as the President of Asia-Pacific Self-medication Association


Oct. 26 2018, the 8thAsia-Pacific Self-medication Association Council was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Executive Chairman of Tasly Holding Group attended the conference and taken office as the new President of the Association.



On the opening ceremony, the former President of the Association Mr. Shang Yuanming gave a speech at first. He pointed out that , in his inauguration, he would lead the self-medication benefits not only individuals but also pharmacists, doctors as well as health insurance, medical finance and local government. He hoped that in the future the Association would attract more extensive recognition and draw more social attention to self-medication as well as more support from more and more international organizations and government. At last, he expressed his great confidence on President Yan Kaijing to lead the Association achieve greater development.

 Executive Chairman Yan Kaijing, the new President of APSMI, delivered a speech later. President Yan firstly expressed his gratitude to Mr. Shang Yuanming and his team for the past two years’ work. President Yan promised that he would lead the APSMI to expand its influence by strengthening  the cooperation and exchange with other countries and international organizations and promoting the formation of self-medication environment in a higher and more extensive scope.    

At last, he called on members of the APSMI to make joint effort to promote the development of health industry especially non–prescription drugs industries in Asia-Pacific area so as to satisfy the growing self-medication demand as well as to improve the public sanity and health of the area.

On the afternoon, accompanied by Vice GM of Tasly International Marketing Company and the Manager of Indonesia Branch Cheng Cheng,  Mr. Yan Kaijing paid a visit to Tasly International Indonesia Company and had a conversation with General Manager of Tianyi Pharmaceutic Company about future marketing of Cardiotonic Dripping Pill in Indonesia.

APSMI, which was founded in 2010, is the authorized organization of WSMI in Asia-pacific area and is devoted to creating a better and more liable medication environment to promote sound development of self-medication. Till present, there are China Non-prescription Drug Association, Korea Pharmaceutical and Biological Manufacturers Association,  The Indonesian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Japan Non-prescription Drug Association,etc in the APSMI.